Paid Media x ASO: What are the key differences in mobile app marketing?


Every individual who makes the decision to invest in mobile app marketing share the same doubt:

What are the best strategies to increase visibility inside the stores? Paid Media or ASO?

Before stepping into any sort of debate about mobile app marketing, let’s clarify an important point:

Paid Media and ASO are not opposite strategies, rather complementary. Both have specific pros and cons. And you don’t necessarily need to pick one or the other.

Every company has its own targets and goals. There’s not a pre-made cake recipe or some one-size-fits-all strategy for mobile app marketing. Each case is different.

To give an example, these are some of the variables involved:

  • Budget
  • Targets
  • The situation of your app.

So we are going to start enlisting the differences between paid media and ASO. And the pros of both. That way you will have a better understanding of both concepts and learn a bit more about mobile app marketing.

Mobile app marketing: Differences between paid media and ASO

If you are already in the mobile app world, it’s important to understand the different methods that are used in terms of mobile app marketing. You can be sure that you are going to need all the weapons to stand out among the completion.

With more than two million apps both in Google Play and Apple Store, making your app more noticeable and easily discoverable is something quite challenging. Let’s talk about each of these strategies:  

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Google i/o: New updates for Android O


Android O. This is the new mobile operating system outlined by Google. Maybe this will not be its final name, nonetheless, this is its designation until the official release happens at the end of 2017.

It was also one of the biggest news of Google I/O 2017, Google’s official conference, where the company introduces its new products and breakthroughs.

This O Version is Android’s number eight. Despite having unveiled some of its updates during the event’s sneak preview for developers in March, Google didn’t spare any efforts to impress the audience (and the world).

Since Google is Google, it’s extremely important to be acquainted with the technologies that the company is about to invest in the coming years. And taking into account that we are always looking for the most recent news about the mobile world, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to blog about this.

Check the main news of Android O!

Everything about Android O: the newest version of the operating system

Despite being unstable, Android O Beta is already available for download. If you really want to test it, the recommendation is to not have it installed on your number one device.

Keep this mind: It’s just a pre-release and some bugs and volatility may take place.

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ProXXIma 2017: Key highlights


Stop interrupting and start engaging.

Entertainment will soon become the best way to increase visibility.

People nowadays have a mental ad blocker.

These were some of the defiant ideas at ProXXIma 2017, an event that has become, in the last 11 years, an important hallmark in Digital Marketing in Brazil.

And, of course, we at RankMyApp, went there to check in person the trends that would end up being discussed in terms of technology, marketing and innovation.

In this year’s edition, the focus was put on how the digital realm impacts businesses. The invited speakers were entrepreneurs with leadership roles in their companies, being nonetheless directly accountable for the delivery of results.  

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AppStore Developers Can Finally Respond to Reviews

Following the recent public release of iOS 10.3 and macOS Sierra 10.12.4, app developers can finally get a closer touch with their app users. Now developers can directly respond to user reviews just like Android developers can do since 2013.

AppStore Progress

This is a huge progress for App Store and feedbacks analysis prior to app updates. Since many publishers do not include an email address or even a support contact information in their App Store description, users who experienced bugs or just want to get in contact with the publisher did not have any connection through AppStore.

In other others, complaints were forgotten or even worse: the bad feedbacks were sent via social media causing negative online reputation for the app’s page. We do not even have to say that it is all too bad for App Store Optimization, right? Bad reviews and angry users impact your rankings!

The lack of an appropriate response to your app reviews can result in lose your user empathy and waste good opportunities to guide your development team to fix the right bugs at the right times and/or get great insights ideas for new features always based in your users’ reviews.



Replying to your user reviews is one of the best way to reach out the bugs or any problems reported by users who really concerned to send this information to you. And just like PlayStore Reply Reviews reponses, you can now follow up each one of the replies, asking to update their rating after your respond (if they were satisfied after that, of course).

For more information:

Official AppStore Overview

Monitoring Reviews Apple AppStore Guideline

Apple App Reviews Full Guideline (for app submission)


Review Analysis and Reviews Response are one of the best ASO services at RankMyApp – and now super available for iOS!

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How to rank an app on PlayStore: all about organic traffic

RankMyApp Report for an app client (Category: Finances)

RankMyApp Report for an app client (Category: Finances)

Simple and smart actions such as providing the product description, build an online presence, attention for your user reviews and build good relationship between users are the main factors which impacts organic traffic in Google PlayStore.

Also, attracting the target audience, your app will consolidate the name and brand, which will lead to other benefits such as content sharing on social networks and praise which will help improve trust of new customers when visiting and/or installing your Android app.

Below we listed the main benefits and influence factors during an organic traffic improvement process:

Benefits of organic traffic

1. For new apps, the main benefit is that there is no cost to get your first qualified visitors. An user who installs an app after an organic search tends to be much more interested in your app than any other paid-user.

2. Organic traffic is considered a long term strategy because once you rank high organically, you start learning which keywords your organic public used to find and – most important – install your app. It means you have more control of your rankings and visibility in PlayStore comparing to the app competitors who does not do ASO.

3. Building organic traffic transcends into loyal customers and it tends to result in a path to establishing a brand from scratch. Without an appropriate organic traffic, it is almost impossible to have a reliable and long-term engagement and visibility in PlayStore’s Store Listings.

4. Still talking about reliability: transmit trust for new users, especially those who are just visiting your page for the first time or does not know your name/brand, is a benefit that an organic traffic can provide. Organic users means people who trusted in your product, with no paid-media influence.

Influence factors for ranking higher in PlayStore and gain organic visibility and traffic

1. Links are an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, not just regarding ASO but in all Google’s search algorithm and of course, it includes PlayStore. Build a web of links pointing straight into your app’s page help it ranks higher organically. (quick tip: use tools like “Ahrefs” to spy on your competitors and see where they are getting links and try and get links from similar and/or same quantity of sources).

2. Focusing your app’s page with keywords and assets (graphics) optimization is primordial while building or increasing your organic traffic in any stage of your app. Since it is a long-term process, it can take months to establish good rankings for days or even weeks in a row but regarding organic traffic (mainly visibility) nothing compares with good ranking positions after organic searches. (quick tip: not just because we are RankMyApp, but it is highly recommended to have at least one ASO expert taking care of your app and using a good ASO platform. The best ones are those which provide more features than just keywords search volume and rankings).

3. Be super-careful with keywords stuffing and avoiding alerts from PlayStore. It can affect your rankings as a “punishment” for days or even weeks.

4. AB tests are a good way to understand your users and make incremental improvements. It is free for Android developers!

5. Study your app competitors wisely. Not just the ones who have a similar functionality as your app does but also those which competes keyword traffic with your main keywords. Choose at least one who has more organic traffic than you and “stalk” everything that this competitor does and try to do the same in an appropriate way for your app/market.

6. Re-targeting is a very effective strategy because once a visitor check your app’s page, it means there was some intention and interest to download it and did not do it. Most times, it was necessary just a little push to complete it.

Organic traffic through social media

“Maintaining a good presence on social media is fundamental to any business, but when it comes to apps, this method will basically have two functions, which are: To get more people sharing your app and to promote the construction of your brand with the users.” – RankMyApp’s post about Inbound Marketing (link here)

Having a Facebook Page customized and with fresh posts for your app’s page is a must-have for an organic traffic strategy. It is the same for other social medias, such as Twitter and Instagram for example – that is why it is so important to understand who and where your target users are in an online environment.

In social media you can have a more straight connection with your potential, inactive or even current users of your app. It means you can ask them to install (or re-install) and review your app, you can offer an anonymous connection to provide honest feedbacks about how they like your app designs and features or any other important topics. Also, you can share any news about your app, new features launches etc. However, remember not to make your posts only about your app, though – here is the secret to have a user engagement through social media high-level content and increase your chances to gain more organic traffic from different channels.

“With increasing content on social networks, no doubt to increase the reach and engagement of your content, quality and uniqueness are the best bets.” – Answer from Quora user (link here)

User Reviews

“Positive comments, that indicate a good user experience, add value to your products and services and are the real marketing tools of content. Opinions like these are organized in index form in search engines, using keywords. Insert the words “review”, “comment”, “opinion” and “evaluate” in the fields where people leave their evaluations which assists in app optimization for search engines, improving its position in search engines.” – RankMyApp’s post about App Success and good reputation (link here)

A good way to gain recommendations is to focus on optimizing reviews and user opinions inside your app. Check out the UX/UI of your app and always try to insert screens to ask your most engaged users to review and rate your app at PlayStore.

Reply reviews with a special attention is a great strategy to create a closer contact with your unhappy users – and this should be your focus while building a great base for new organic traffic and of course new user reviews.

All this method offers numerous advantages that go beyond disclosure and also build customer confidence, a factor that is very important for any company.

Other factors

Seasonal optimization

Paid campaigns / Ads

Frequent updates

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How Good Reputation impacts your app success

One of the most popular and effective types of publicity is the famous word of mouth, that is: someone who consumes a product or a service and tells other people. This form of evaluation directly impacts the future consumer, after all, there’s no one better than anyone you know to recommend you something to purchase.

In this case, attracting new clients and keeping the existing ones satisfied and informed about your products just isn’t enough. It’s necessary to have people who have tried, approved and recommended your product publicly, and this is how it’s possible to establish your business’s success in the market.

According to a recent article from Nielsen, a company specializing in consumer research, after interviewing 28,000 online product consumers from 56 countries, they’ve arrived at the conclusion that from 92% of the people that buy from the internet, trust the recommendations and opinions of other clients more than any form of publicity.

A good way to gain recommendations is to focus on optimizing reviews and user opinions of your App. This method offers numerous advantages that go beyond disclosure and also build customer confidence, a factor that is very important for any company.

Invest in visibility

  1. Website- develop a unique website to promote the app downloads and web support. A common mistake in these type of sites is not developing the mobile version, even though it’s one of the most common forms of access.
  2. Promoting through social networks – The app should be promoted amongst its potential users and should happen in the networks that these users frequently use, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. The communication and presence should be appropriate to the type of network which they communicate in, as each social network has its particularities. Facebook, for example, has a specific option to promote the installation of an app.
  3. Smart App Banner- Consist of showing the visitors your site on a small strip with a sign that says there is an app available for download on this site. These are currently only available on the iOS platform, Apple Store, but existing plugins can be implemented for Android with ease.
  4. PR A press release, for example, is an “old” method of promotion, but can still bring positive results because of the novelty factor associated with applications. This way, it’s possible to track media experts who mention the rising apps on their pages. For example, by highlighting the received awards, right now it would a good moment for submissions for press releases.
  5. Partner with bloggers –Offer your app to people specialised in carrying out reviews of new applications that are influential within the theme. If they like it, they will share the app with all their readers and followers on social networks. In the case the app is paid, offer a free trial version
  6. Share offline –Schedule a place at trade shows or conferences that are appropriate to the theme of your app and explore and make partnerships.There’s always the possibility of promotion through physical media (magazine, flyer, poster etc) so make sure you create a QR code with direct link to download your app.
  7. Create a video- A video has an excellent ability to, in just 30 seconds, exemplify why the product is worth the download. Tell a story that shows how the app can solve their problem. Publish and share this video on the sites such as YouTube, Facebook etc.

Trust attracts

Today on the internet, it is common that most people who shop online seek information about the website before making the decision to purchase. This behaviour is due to many incidents of digital crimes, so when faced with a number of reviews and positive opinions, consumers feel more confident to purchase the product, which gives greater credibility to your app and creates an empathetic bond with your audience.

Increase traffic

Positive comments, that indicate a good user experience, add value to your products and services and are the real marketing tools of content. Opinions like these are organised in index form in search engines, using keywords. Insert the words “review”, “comment”, “opinion” and “evaluate” in the fields where people leave their evaluations which assists in app optimisation for search engines, improving its position in search engines.

Maintain a good reputation

Gaining a good reputation in the online environment requires time and dedication, without leaving aside a personalised service to your customer. Simple and intelligent actions such as providing the product description, reviews and comments from the general public (giving feedback to all of them) builds good relationship between users. Attracting the target audience, your app will consolidate the name and brand, which will lead to other benefits such as content sharing on social networks and praise which will help reduce the uncertainties of new customers when purchasing.

Can you imagine all the benefits that evaluations can bring to your virtual store in practice?

Let us know in the comments!

Social Networks and Apps: Why are they important for your app?

The Internet population definitely changed the way people interact with each other as well as the working process, and the emergence of these changes occurred primarily on social sites.

This tool has been widely used for people to establish better relationships with their family and friends over the internet and now the social sites also show their significance for apps.

This is why people stay majority of their time connected to social sites, this fact is strongly associated with the increase in the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in this country.
Mobile devices are gaining more and more space amongst people when compared to other ways of internet access, this is due to the fact that prices and plans have becoming increasingly accessible.

This form of mobile device use facilitates mostly the user’s permanence on the social sites, where they can share opinions and situations in real time.

Now you have to be asking: But how can the social sites help an app in this aspect?

Well ok, as people are being increasingly present on social sites, apps can use this internet channel to interact better with your clients and generate positive opinions about your products and/or services, which certainly attracts more customers.

But those who think that this is the only advantage that applications have in using social networks in their business and you will understand more about it in the following chapter.

social networks map
Social sites and their importance to apps.

Initially the use of social sites for apps can be seen as a worry, after all this would be one more communication channel for managing relationship with your clients.

However, it’s worth remembering that the main factor that makes the social sites such an interesting place for your brand is that your audience is certainly there, therefore, interaction with your clients becomes something more accessible to your apps.

Every second, thousands of people share relevant information about their profile or about their needs and demands on the digital environment, either by a blog comment, on their status, in various ways, and this can end up in generating insights and adding value to enterprises in different areas.
Thus, it is clear that social sites are vital for the development of a good work plan that reflects on the acquisition of new customers and consequently increase the number of sales and downloads.

Companies can use these platforms in different way and obtain numerous advantages and benefits with this. See the following main advantages of social sites for the expansion of your app.

social network click
Advantages of social sites for your app


It is with out a doubt one of the most pursued advantages for apps in today’s world and you as an entrepreneur can obtain it through the use of social sites.

This is why from the moment your app takes part in the social site, for example, by creating a fan page, you are setting an interactive channel for your client, where he can communicate at any moment with your company, exposing his opinions and criticisms.

The confidence built in this relationship will become more concrete and real, making your clients become more loyal to the product and/or service that your app is offering.

Brand Awareness

It is for certain that your brand will become more noticeable around the world through the use of social sites as part of your marketing strategy. This is because the internet is a ground without any geographical barriers and through this platform your app can reach new audience, and as a result, expand your business.

Increased number of downloads

If you build an effective strategy that provides a better visibility for your business, this will almost certainly result in the increase of the number of your downloads.
But it’s worth mentioning that the results don’t appear immediately, it’s necessary to establish a relationship with your clients and then you enter the social network.

These platforms are a means to promote interactivity between your business and clients and so they should be integrated into the market strategy in order to achieve the expected results.
Increased Traffic

If you express the advantages of your app, you are naturally leading the users of your social network to your download page. The result of this process consists of increase in the traffic as well as the credibility of your front page in the search engines.
This way, every time a person is looking for a particular product and/or service that is associated with your business, the web address appears on the top searches and the chances of materialising your download, making a sale or the service delivery are much higher.

Reduced costs for your business
Since social networks are free-to-use platforms, it won’t cost apps for their usage to promote your business. In addition, the whole work process on these platforms is well facilitated, where the posts can be scheduled and it won’t take too much of your time.

All it takes is to set a certain amount of time everyday to check your pages on social networks and look to always keep them updated with news so that your customers feel more interested in visiting them more often.

Improve the company’s image

It’s important that you, as an entrepreneur, to understand that the use of social network for a company doesn’t only serve to increase sales and downloads. This platforms is also important to improve the company’s image in the eyes of your clients.

Because generally companies that are registered on a social network, together with their app ,express concern mostly on their clients, this is a way to be closer to them and their opinions about the product and/or service being provided.

This type of consumers feel special and begin to see the image of your app with a different point of view. Because if you wish to upgrade your app’s image it’s never too early to start investing in a social network.

As you can see, social networks are an important platforms for promoting a better interactivity of your apps with your clients, and if used the right way, it can certainly help to create various benefits that will make your app a successful venture!

How to improve the service and sales through m-commerce

With evolutionary technology brining new ways of communications and manners of doing business in the word, Mobile Commerce, or m-commerce is one of the ways that has been increasing in buying and selling on the web market.

All this because mobile devices aren’t considered as the only accessory at the hands of people. Currently the smartphones and tablets are indispensable items in lives of many people who are able to solve practically anything through mobile devices.

At this point you must be asking: But what does all this have to do with my business?

Also, the use of devices for internet shopping has become a more common activity on an every day basis, as much that it’s no longer counted the number of people have substituted online shopping by mobile to buy products and/or services instead of the Web .
m-commerce (Not sure about this translation Bruno, please double check)

Given this scenario, your business should be prepared to operate with Mobile Commerce and offer your clients exactly what they are looking for, because otherwise it will probably lose to the increasingly fierce competition.

If you as an entrepreneur don’t yet know what Mobile Commerce is, then continue reading this article and discover more about this subject.

mobile commerce discounts

Mobile commerce: What is it?

Mobile commerce corresponds to a new genre of electronic trade that is gaining more and more power in the current market, where the process of purchase and sale of products and/or services are conducted through mobile apps.

The positive outlook experienced by Mobile Commerce in the world of online retail is due to its practicality and simplicity.

Practicality is important because the purchase made through m-commerce turns out to be a more convenient action, considering that it’s possible to make various purchases in just a few touches.

Furthermore, the simplicity of this form of electronic commerce way is due to the different forms of payments that it offers, where the user of the purchased app can make the payment through various mechanisms, where some of the most popular ones currently include:

  • Dwolla
  • Google Wallet
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

As you can notice, truthfully , the mobile commerce is the real sensation of the moment and you as an entrepreneur , who wishes to see your company expanding your sales and avoid the economic crisis thats is happening in our country, should certainly take this opportunity and invest in this innovative idea.

mobile commerce technology

Mobile commerce: The advantages for your company

The advantages of Mobile Commerce for your company are diverse and that’s that.

This genre of electronic commerce provides in real time variety of information, entertainment and also innovation in the form of online sales that make more people adapt themselves to Mobile Commerce.
In addition, an entrepreneur, using mobiles apps for online sales, can count on great unique relationships with your clients, as through mobile devices the campaign is directed according to each user’s profile.

Mobile commerce generally offers a unique experience of purchase, with layouts with big buttons, reduced text, fast scrolling and checkout, its very possible to increase the conversion of sales in company and like this both the user and entrepreneur benefit in the process.

Certainly any invention of a new option for purchase or relationship with virtual enterprise is a very important change for companies, especially in a scenario where the mobile device is practically an essential item in the lives of many Brazilians.

That is why, it is with great importance for entrepreneurs to understand the huge potential of the features of mobile devices and begin to use them in the best way possible for the benefit your business.

How to increase sales with Mobile Commerce

Everything that an entrepreneur wishes is for his company to grow and travel the route of success. That is why it’s necessary that he increase his sales to the maximum and with Mobile Commerce the chances of this happening are bigger than you can imagine.

To sell and offer more than what the customer demands, wherever they are, you need to think what the user will find in your app when making a purchase.

Therefore developing a specific layout, which will be easy to navigate with, makes the conversion of sales much easier.

Things like high definition images, relevant information and user-friendly constructed navigation are essentials for your Mobile Commerce strategy to be successful, and this way you are able to increase your sales even more.

Another factor which you should also be aware of in your sales via mobile apps are the marketing actions that you use in the electronic commerce to get closer to your clients.

Look to use technologies that notify you when a customer is interested in a product and then work on the marketing strategy for the Mobile Commerce in order to meet the customer’s needs and therefore increase the sales which will raise the income of your business.

Streamline navigation is another means by which you can improve your company’s Mobile Commerce and thereby extend their online sales.
Even if the user has a good connection, it’s a fact that there are various slow serves in today’s word and to avoid this sloppiness effect your business, you should look for ways to turn your online shop to be fast enough to cater to your customers in the best possible way.

This is why, developing a light interface, reducing images, resizing or optimising your virtual shop, are very important things to accomplish, in order for you to provide the users with a more effective and faster access.

Therefore, look to invest in Mobile Commerce, because despite being a relatively new scenario, this has grown rapidly and with this you will have a great chance of opening your mobile business and increase your sales even higher.

What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the only tool for those who wish to ensure success of their app in the increasingly competitive market environment, furthermore, in this day and age, it takes more than creating a good app to be able to keep it at the top of the chart, isn’t that right?

With Inbound Marketing you can decorate your mobile app with a differentiated way, by seeking to explore as many available resources possible for your app to convince users that it’s truly good and should be used by everybody.

But do you know how to make the use of Inbound Marketing for your app to be successful with the sales? In case the answer is no, then you’re in the right place, because in this article we will give you 4 impeccable tips for using this tool in the favour of your mobile app and this way you’ll be able catch up with your target audience in the best way possible. Check our tips below!

Inbound Marketing

Tips on using Inbound Marketing in favour of your application

1. Develop your company’s profile

The success of your app in terms of sales in the market will depend on this first tip of Inbound Marketing. You need to make sure you develop your company’s profile well and there’s no better way of doing this than by optimising a description of your app.

It isn’t enough to have a relevant name and an interesting icon, your application needs to shine, in other words, to expose solutions that fit the needs of your target audience starting from the optimised description, that uses relevant keywords that are associated to your mobile app and all its functionalities.

Therefore, if you want guaranteed success for your app on the market, you need to work on the history of your company, talk about your app, what are the advantages the user will have when he purchases it, ultimately, you want to use the description of your mobile app as a strategy of Inbound Marketing that favours your business.

2. Offer a good quality content with context

Taking into consideration that the virtual environment is currently one of the most used ways for people to look after information, the second useful tip for you is to use the Inbound Marketing to develop good quality content.

Look to create relevant content, of which main objective is to attract your target audience, offering exactly the information that they are looking for, therefore, by doing this you are creating a good quality content which can be rightly inserted to your client’s real context as well as to your needs.

This is why it’s important that you create contents which truly have a good context that adds value to your app, because as the app market is more and more competitive, if you happen to be a specialist on the subject of content creation, then it will certainly make you appear differentiated amongst to your wide competition.

In case you don’t already have a website or a blog, try to create one as soon as possible and approach the target audience with good content. This is a certainly a good strategy of Inbound Marketing which will help you sell more with your mobile app.

3. Use social media to spread the word about your app.

With no doubt, the social media is an important strategy of Inbound Marketing, through this strategy , it’s easily possible to spread the published content on your site or blog for the users who are already interacting with your brand.

Maintaining a good presence on social media is fundamental to any business, but when it comes to apps, this method will basically have two functions, which are: To get more people sharing your app and to promote the construction of your brand with the users.

With social media you are able to position yourself to your users organically, which is important for getting more downloads of your app.

To make users want to share your mobile app, one of the mostly used strategies of Inbound Marketing is to include a share button where you think its most suitable.

You can also make your target audience more curious and make them want to share and download your app offering that your product can offer as well as emphasize the advantages of using your app. The acceptance and demand of your app will be much larger in less time.

Provide some incentive for users to share your app, maybe by offering access to a more advance version of your app for a limited period of time or discounts ,can both be excellent strategies to guarantee various shares and downloads of your app.

Don’t forget that the crucial point for increasing your app downloads is engaging with your users, after all even if you have an awesome app, but don’t main a good relationship with the users of your app, it will be difficult to increase your download as well your number of active clients.

4. Accumulate your leads via E-mail Marketing

Another tool that should be taken to consideration when using the Inbound Marketing for your app is accumulating your leads right from E-mail Marketing.

It will be useless to attract new users through relevant content if you don’t use an efficient strategy to maintain in contact with them by introducing them with new updates and tips on your app.

Therefore, try to use e-mail marketing to connect with the users of your app even if you’ve already won the interest of the users or even after they have downloaded the app.

In this case the information should be sent in an automatic, personalised way, remember that they should always be focused on satisfying your interests of your users.

Therefore with the tips on Inbound Marketing given above you’re able improve your target audience’s engagement, increase the number of downloads of your app and guarantee success in sales of your mobile app .