How to rank an app on PlayStore: all about organic traffic

RankMyApp Report for an app client (Category: Finances)

RankMyApp Report for an app client (Category: Finances)

Simple and smart actions such as providing the product description, build an online presence, attention for your user reviews and build good relationship between users are the main factors which impacts organic traffic in Google PlayStore.

Also, attracting the target audience, your app will consolidate the name and brand, which will lead to other benefits such as content sharing on social networks and praise which will help improve trust of new customers when visiting and/or installing your Android app.

Below we listed the main benefits and influence factors during an organic traffic improvement process:

Benefits of organic traffic

1. For new apps, the main benefit is that there is no cost to get your first qualified visitors. An user who installs an app after an organic search tends to be much more interested in your app than any other paid-user.

2. Organic traffic is considered a long term strategy because once you rank high organically, you start learning which keywords your organic public used to find and – most important – install your app. It means you have more control of your rankings and visibility in PlayStore comparing to the app competitors who does not do ASO.

3. Building organic traffic transcends into loyal customers and it tends to result in a path to establishing a brand from scratch. Without an appropriate organic traffic, it is almost impossible to have a reliable and long-term engagement and visibility in PlayStore’s Store Listings.

4. Still talking about reliability: transmit trust for new users, especially those who are just visiting your page for the first time or does not know your name/brand, is a benefit that an organic traffic can provide. Organic users means people who trusted in your product, with no paid-media influence.

Influence factors for ranking higher in PlayStore and gain organic visibility and traffic

1. Links are an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, not just regarding ASO but in all Google’s search algorithm and of course, it includes PlayStore. Build a web of links pointing straight into your app’s page help it ranks higher organically. (quick tip: use tools like “Ahrefs” to spy on your competitors and see where they are getting links and try and get links from similar and/or same quantity of sources).

2. Focusing your app’s page with keywords and assets (graphics) optimization is primordial while building or increasing your organic traffic in any stage of your app. Since it is a long-term process, it can take months to establish good rankings for days or even weeks in a row but regarding organic traffic (mainly visibility) nothing compares with good ranking positions after organic searches. (quick tip: not just because we are RankMyApp, but it is highly recommended to have at least one ASO expert taking care of your app and using a good ASO platform. The best ones are those which provide more features than just keywords search volume and rankings).

3. Be super-careful with keywords stuffing and avoiding alerts from PlayStore. It can affect your rankings as a “punishment” for days or even weeks.

4. AB tests are a good way to understand your users and make incremental improvements. It is free for Android developers!

5. Study your app competitors wisely. Not just the ones who have a similar functionality as your app does but also those which competes keyword traffic with your main keywords. Choose at least one who has more organic traffic than you and “stalk” everything that this competitor does and try to do the same in an appropriate way for your app/market.

6. Re-targeting is a very effective strategy because once a visitor check your app’s page, it means there was some intention and interest to download it and did not do it. Most times, it was necessary just a little push to complete it.

Organic traffic through social media

“Maintaining a good presence on social media is fundamental to any business, but when it comes to apps, this method will basically have two functions, which are: To get more people sharing your app and to promote the construction of your brand with the users.” – RankMyApp’s post about Inbound Marketing (link here)

Having a Facebook Page customized and with fresh posts for your app’s page is a must-have for an organic traffic strategy. It is the same for other social medias, such as Twitter and Instagram for example – that is why it is so important to understand who and where your target users are in an online environment.

In social media you can have a more straight connection with your potential, inactive or even current users of your app. It means you can ask them to install (or re-install) and review your app, you can offer an anonymous connection to provide honest feedbacks about how they like your app designs and features or any other important topics. Also, you can share any news about your app, new features launches etc. However, remember not to make your posts only about your app, though – here is the secret to have a user engagement through social media high-level content and increase your chances to gain more organic traffic from different channels.

“With increasing content on social networks, no doubt to increase the reach and engagement of your content, quality and uniqueness are the best bets.” – Answer from Quora user (link here)

User Reviews

“Positive comments, that indicate a good user experience, add value to your products and services and are the real marketing tools of content. Opinions like these are organized in index form in search engines, using keywords. Insert the words “review”, “comment”, “opinion” and “evaluate” in the fields where people leave their evaluations which assists in app optimization for search engines, improving its position in search engines.” – RankMyApp’s post about App Success and good reputation (link here)

A good way to gain recommendations is to focus on optimizing reviews and user opinions inside your app. Check out the UX/UI of your app and always try to insert screens to ask your most engaged users to review and rate your app at PlayStore.

Reply reviews with a special attention is a great strategy to create a closer contact with your unhappy users – and this should be your focus while building a great base for new organic traffic and of course new user reviews.

All this method offers numerous advantages that go beyond disclosure and also build customer confidence, a factor that is very important for any company.

Other factors

Seasonal optimization

Paid campaigns / Ads

Frequent updates

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