Why do you need to focus yourself on constantly changing the ASO?


Changing the ASO can shape your app’s future and the positioning. And, indeed, you are aware of that.

Nonetheless, something quite important, of which most people are unaware, is that these changes (or, better put, adjustments) need to be continuous.

Changing the apps on a constant basis is something crucial for two main reasons:

1. To readjust the strategy of App Store Optimization (ASO), relying on metrics and A/B tests;

2. To always keep your app’s page updated and in the top positions.

The ASO process demands a steady frequency when it comes to performing text and graphic changes on your app’s page. Arriving first per se is not enough. One needs to hold that place.

Grasp the importance of constantly changing the ASO

What happens is that app stores constantly update their organic search algorithm and also the factors that allow any given app to hold the first place or not.

You probably already know that those app-related modifications can have their say in app store rankings. But did you know that sometimes, the best ASO best practices can win or lose relevance depending on the strategy?

The same is valid for keyword rankings. The terms that used to be emphasized, and showed potential for achieving success, may not be, at some point, the most appropriate – in a second moment.

That is why it’s important to test, analyze, track and maintain a constant flow of changes in app store pages. This is valid for keywords, title, description and also for graphic features.

How do you know what sort of constant changes are needed in the ASO?

You have two options. The first is to perform A/B tests. They work like this: basically, you outline an experiment with one or more variants which are randomly presented to the audience.

After doing that, you can analyze the statistics and determine which variant registered the best performance for a certain action.

Carry out these tests several times and keep your eyes open at all moments.

A/B tests for app changes and for the ASO process are the best method to test groups of keywords for the app page’s text. Or, alternatively, you can perform experiments to know what sorts of graphic elements can interfere directly on the organic metrics.

The second option is to rely on expert assistance, such as the one provided by RankMyApp. Our keyword analysis technology takes into account several factors as essential when choosing the best terms, such as:

  • Search volume;
  • The difficulty of each word;
  • Country and language.

By doing these, we can carry out the proper and constant changes in the ASO in order to keep the app in privileged positions. And more than that: the strategic maneuvers that will make your app reach the top in less time.

To sum things up, it’s worth emphasizing that A/B tests need to be properly structured.

Above all, it’s necessary to set a testing period. Changing the content too much can prompt a plummet in the rankings.

Did it seem hard to you? What do you think about having the experience of RankMyApp as your ally when adjusting the apps’ constant changes? Drop us a line!

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