App Store Optimization

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a technique to improve mobile visibility by optimizing the keywords in the app’s name and description. It is similar to SEO (Search Engines Optimization) but focused on Mobile Apps.

App Reviews Analysis

We work with customized replies to app reviews using data analysis to understand rating changes to turn real feedbacks into action plans. We generate periodic analyzes with review categorization and competitor tracking.

Paid Acquisition

We work with mobile performance-based campaigns according to the client's goals. CPM to reach more visibility for your app in a short-term period, CPI to bring more qualified app users and CPA for campaigns focused in new in-app purchases.

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in the top 50 of shopping category, the most popular of PlayStore, 20% of Apps are our partners in ASO!!

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Winne Rodrigues
Winne RodriguesMobile Marketing at Polishop
We can trust RankMyApp's technology to advance our app growth through assertive mobile ad campaigns, push notifications and ASO.  The team of experts is fully capable to meet our goals within the best client relationship and support. We are clients since 2017 and RankMyApp still delivers our best ROI and qualified users.
Gina Gotthilf
Gina GotthilfDuolingo marketing VP
I was surprised to see the quick results RankMyApp helped us obtain with keyword changes we'd overlooked as we started ramping up on our ASO efforts.
Saulo Marti
Saulo MartiVP of Growth at Otto Radio
The best part about RankMyApp is their dedication to your app. They bought in and treated our app as theirs, making great suggestions, focusing on results and really going beyond the expected. Their customer facing teams like the account managers and support teams are super knowledgable and will do their best to continuously find ways to improve and tailor themselves to your expectations.

We Have a Solution for your App Growth Challenge:

App Visibility

We study the best assets and execute optimizations to improve the app’s visibility within Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore

Organic + Paid Strategies

A strategic combination to improve app user aquisition and up to 200% ROI.


We use data and intelligence to help app marketers develop marketing strategies, execute, track results and optimize user acquisition strategy

Global Technology

We have clients in 12 different countries. We are prepared to offer the best service to companies from all over the world.

Action Plan

Action plans are the foundation of our strategy, created together with the client’s goals and based on our algorithm and expertise

Customer Success

Premium mobile consulting from a mobile marketing specialist focused on your country and category.

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App stores have a vast number of categories, and inside them, it’s possible to find a million apps that can help users with anything they need to make life easier. You are probably asking yourself, with so many options, how to rank your app? ASO will be the answer to your questions.

Even if you have a lot of money to attract new acquisitions for your app with paid media, it is not enough to catch up to the ranking, because organic downloads have more value and guarantees of quality users. It’s impossible to conquer this without ASO, but, what do these initials mean?

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a technique to improve your app's visibility inside app stores. For example, if your app is a photo editor, you know there is a lot of competition, with some very popular names in the niche.

So, how do you achieve a good position and became a popular app? The first step is to optimize your app to get better results.

The name ASO is related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The process of App Store Optimization is about choosing the right keywords that enable your app to be the first in app stores' search results

It seems easy to select some keywords that are related to your app and try to optimize all by yourself. But ASO is more complicated than choosing a random combination of words.

ASO is an ongoing process, which means that if you optimize your app once, you need to consistently update and analyze the results.

ASO can optimize many elements. You have to give some attention to keywords in the title of your app. It is recommended to include the keyword in the title because it is the first element that users see when searching for an app.

So, a good and clear title is mandatory. Another essential element is the logo of your app. Create one that shows the essence of your business is a way to attract and retain a user. It is good to invest in good design and to define a color - to use the same one in all of your app design.

Besides using ASO keywords in the title, it is possible to add those in the description too. The size of the text can change depending on the platform, Apple Store or Google Play. But, regardless of the store, the information has to be natural, without forcing a lot of keywords to complete a space.

It’s no use to have a good app if you do not explain what it is for. You have to be clear in stating its purpose. The description of your app has to answer all the questions of the user. If he overthinks how your app works, probably he will give up and choose another alternative.

Part of the process in ASO is investing in videos and screenshots to attract users. These elements are much more interactive and easier to understand. These days, people prefer watching a video or seeing a photo than reading.

And the result of all these factors is user feedback. It is important to analyze the ratings and reviews of your app.

The team behind the app has to give attention to the user, even if the review is negative. Answers and solutions show to the public the dynamism of your app and help retain users.

With all these activities made by ASO, we need to see results. Thus, analyzing all of the results and going along with the numbers is part of optimization.

There are more cellphones than people in the world. This surprising data just emphasize how much you lose if don’t optimize your app. People engage more with smartphones, and it means that it will be easier to turn off users in customers.

Most users find their installed apps in app stores. Do you know what it means? That people search for apps, explore the categories and try to find what app is better at that moment. But, how could someone find your app if it is not optimized?

People see 5 to 10 apps when they search for some keyword. It means that if your app isn’t at least in the middle of these, this user will not download it. And your service that could supply what the customer needs will be ignored.

A lot of apps are looking for visibility in app stores; it is a fact. But, isn’t hard to find developers that don’t invest in ASO. It shows that App Store Optimization is the best tool you have.

Some keywords in title, description; choose some screenshots and videos and… magic! My optimization is done. But it doesn’t work like that.

Building a plan to optimize an app is a work for a specialist. That’s why RankMyApp is genuinely recommended. The company is a reference in the market of SEO for apps.

RankMyApp specialty is optimizing the app to increase installs and retention. The downloads acquired are entirely organic, without paid media.

With an organized strategy created according to the necessity of the business, we act in all related areas to ranking the app. Study competitors to understand and analyze the market and how your app is positioned on them.

The leader in App Store Optimization in Brazil. RankMyApp also has clients spread around the world, precisely in 12 countries. If you’re interested in the services of RankMyApp, don’t hesitate to contact us and talk with one of our specialists!