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About us

Intelligence and Performance to help your app grow

RankMyAPP is the first Brazilian company 100% focused on mobile intelligence and performance, created in 2015 initially as a solution to improve the positioning of apps in the ranking of stores.

We developed a proprietary technology responsible for analyzing more than 1 million records of mobile apps, keywords and categories daily, thus optimizing and improving the performance of the results of the most used apps in Brazil and Latin America.

We are a global reference in marketing intelligence and acquisition for mobile apps, with clients such as Vivo, Itaú, Natura and Magazine Luiza and listed among the top 3 ASO companies in the world, according to Business of Apps.

Banks, shopping, services, communication, transportation… regardless of the segment, we contribute to the effective growth of applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is RankMyApp?

RankMyApp is a global reference solution in marketing intelligence and media management for mobile applications. With our own technology, we are the first Brazilian company 100% focused on mobile intelligence and performance, combining complete data analysis, optimizations and advisory service to improve our customers’ results.

How can RankMyApp improve my app's user acquisition strategies?

Mobile Intelligence and Mobile Performance solutions offer a 360º view of the app, in addition to technical expertise and advisory service to establish the best strategies for each app. Always data-oriented and focused on generating results, according to your needs and indicators!

How can RankMyApp improve the performance of media campaigns for my app?

With the Mobile Performance solution, we structure, automate and optimize acquisition and monetization campaigns for apps through the main forms and channels of media purchase. In addition to generating insights, with continuous monitoring and analysis, we work with a focus on personalized KPIs in line with your strategy.

Does responding to app store reviews impact app visibility and results?

Certainly. The more comments and positive ratings the app has, the better for visibility in stores. With Pulse Solution, a solution created here at RankMyApp, our unique technology analyzes the sentiments of comments, categorizing them through machine learning techniques and enabling accurate and personalized responses.

Are there minimum criteria for my app to be served by RankMyApp solutions?

Yes. In addition to having some marketing investment, the app needs to have been launched and have a user base. For performance solutions it is also necessary to install a mobile tracking tool, but if you are not familiar with it, our team of experts offers support to our partners who provide the service.

What is the difference between RankMyApp solutions and other services on the market?

With our Mobile Intelligence and Mobile Performance solutions, in addition to the Pulse Solution, we offer a 360º view of the app in a data-driven 100% operation focused on generating results. Combining marketing intelligence and consulting and specialized service, we develop personalized strategies for your objective.

What are the benefits of being a RankMyApp customer?

Our customers have customized solutions in a data-driven operation, which allow them to monitor and deliver results with a focus on the indicators and objectives of each app.

In addition to being accompanied by a team of experts for the growth of your app, with experts in Mobile App Growth and App Marketing, with the support of big data and our exclusive technology.

Meet the partners

Leandro Scalise

CEO of RankMyApp

Responsible for the executive management, growth and strategic future of the company.

Rodrigo Castro

RankMyApp CPO

Responsible for product areas
and innovation.

Bruno Felix

RankMyApp CCO

Responsible for leading the sales area
and partnerships.

Juliana Assunção

RankMyApp CMO

Responsible for the consolidation and expansion of the brand and for the evangelization of content on mobile marketing.

Francisca Almeida

RankMyApp COO

Responsible for the operations area in the company and leads the processes related to organizational culture

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