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RankMyAPP is a company that is revolutionizing the Mobile Marketing market. Join us!

RankMyAPP helps more than 600 customers in 17 countries increase app visibility and improve media campaign performance. For this, we have an incredible team of collaborators – and that continues to grow. You too can be part of this revolution, come be a ranker!

Discover our culture:

We are Rankers, a team of over 250 talented and engaged people who have complete freedom to be whoever they want to be. We offer autonomy in your role and space for you to develop. Come grow with us!


We know that the success of one is the success of all. We are a team that dreams big and makes this experience bigger than just a job. With a lot of autonomy, we get our hands dirty and make it happen! We believe that happy people work better.


We are a team of restless and determined people. We celebrate authenticity, diversity and autonomy. On a daily basis, you will find an extremely collaborative and open environment, we always suggest how to do better and support our colleagues. We believe that together we are better!


We have an extremely transparent environment and we express our ideas in a clear and direct way. We know mistakes happen and that’s why we are the first to raise our hands when something goes wrong. We are transparent, honest and use feedback as our growth guide. We value open communication and we live it in practice. That makes us who we are!

Thirst for Knowledge​

We never stop learning! We are curious and always seek to be better. We were born digital and, therefore, we combine technology and humanization to build a unique service in the mobile marketing market. Here, you will always be encouraged to freedom of innovation, autonomy and the opportunity for growth. “Accelerated” is the word that defines our thirst for growth and knowledge!


We wear the Ranker shirt every day, anywhere in the world. Through the owner mentality, we build a strong team, which always takes on new roles and overcomes challenges beyond what is expected. This is seeing that the impact of your work is greater than what you do. We help companies to be more efficient and we are the benchmark in mobile marketing. Being a Ranker is being part of it, and building, as your own cause.

Come grow with us!

We believe in having a team of engaged people and always enabling their personal and professional development. For this, we have 360º performance evaluation cycles every six months, which help in the growth of Rankers in a transparent way, always following the evolution of each one along with their individual development plan.

It is a very important moment to evaluate the performance and engagement of each person, enable the growth of Rankers and reward them according to their deliveries and development.

Want to join the team? Come be a Ranker!

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