4 things you should do for app success

Published on February 21, 2018.

One of the most popular and effective types of publicity is the famous word of mouth, that is: someone who consumes a product or a service and tells other people. This form of evaluation directly impacts the future consumer, after all, there’s no one better than anyone you know to recommend you something to purchase.

In this case, attracting new clients and keeping the existing ones satisfied and informed about your products just isn’t enough. It’s necessary to have people who have tried, approved and recommended your product publicly, and this is how it’s possible to establish your business’s success in the market.

A good way to gain recommendations is to focus on optimizing reviews and user opinions of your app. This method offers numerous advantages that go beyond disclosure and also build customer confidence, a factor that is very important for any company.

Invest in visibility

  • Website- develop a unique website to promote the app downloads and web support. A common mistake in these type of sites is not developing the mobile version, even though it’s one of the most common forms of access.
  • Promoting through social networks The app reputation should be promoted amongst its potential users and should happen in the networks that these users frequently use, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
  • One of the success factor app is the communication and presence should be appropriate to the type of network which they communicate in, as each social network has its particularities. Facebook, for example, has a specific option to promote the installation of an app.
  • Smart App Banner- Consist of showing the visitors your site on a small strip with a sign that says there is an app available for download on this site. These are currently only available on the iOS platform, Apple Store, but existing plugins can be implemented for Android with ease.
  • PR- A press release, for example, is an “old” method of promotion, but can still bring positive results because of the novelty factor associated with applications. This way, it’s possible to track media experts who mention the rising apps on their pages.
  • Partner with bloggersOffer your app to people specialised in carrying out reviews of new applications that are influential within the theme. If they like it, they will share the app with all their readers and followers on social networks. In the case the app is paid, offer a free trial version.
  • Share offline Schedule a place at trade shows or conferences that are appropriate to the theme of your app and explore and make partnerships.There’s always the possibility of promotion through physical media (magazine, flyer, poster etc) so make sure you create a QR code with direct link to download your app.
  • Create a video A video has an excellent ability to, in just 30 seconds, exemplify why the product is worth the download. Tell a story that shows how the app can solve their problem. Publish and share this video on the sites such as YouTube, Facebook etc.

Trust attracts

Today on the internet, it is common that most people who shop online seek information about the website before making the decision to purchase. So, the app manager have to be watchful and focus on app ranking.

This behaviour is due to many incidents of digital crimes, so when faced with a number of reviews and positive opinions, consumers feel more confident to purchase the product, which gives greater credibility to your app and creates an empathetic bond with your audience.

Increase traffic

Positive comments, that indicate a good user experience, add value to your products and services and are the real marketing tools of content. Opinions like these are organised in index form in search engines, using keywords.

Insert the words “review”, “comment”, “opinion” and “evaluate” in the fields where people leave their evaluations which assists in app optimisation for search engines, improving its position in search engines.

Maintain a good reputation

Gaining a good reputation in the online environment requires time and dedication, without leaving aside a personalised service to your customer.

Simple and intelligent actions such as providing the product description, reviews and comments from the general public (giving feedback to all of them) builds good relationship between users.

Attracting the target audience, your app will consolidate the name and brand, which will lead to other benefits such as content sharing on social networks and praise which will help reduce the uncertainties of new customers when purchasing.

Can you imagine all the benefits that evaluations can bring to your virtual store in practice, as the most successful apps adopted it? And if you want a little help to optimizing you app, talk to RankMyApp, specialized in App Store Optimization!

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