Finance app multiplies sales and increases conversion rate

  • Specialized mobile performance work increased the number of monthly purchases by 680%
  • Conversion rate increase was 480% in just three months

Find out how the solution went.


The client has a Finance app, a highly recommended platform for mobile payments. The challenge was to scale up sales and increase its base with new users

We executed media campaigns in CPA (cost per action) format, with the goal of increasing the number of First Buys. We had to respect the following rules: 

  • Do not share registries data such as phone numbers, e-mails, National IDs or credit card. 
  • Different accounts using the same ID or credit card would be considered as one sale.


Until March/2018 our CPA was BRL 16,50. However, with this budget, there were several channels rejecting the campaign or delivering a small volume of new buyers whilst respecting the rules mentioned above. 

Thus, RankMyAPP’s media team understood that the value was not competitive for the market considering this supply. It was simply not possible to reach the right audience. 

After presenting these challenges, the media team approved with the client a new CPA of BRL 23,50.



In this new budget, the result was a gradual increase in the conversion rate from the paid media and an increase in the sales by new buyers following the client’s rule, as it can be seen in the graphic above. 

Compared to May, there was an increase of 680% in the monthly sales – in just three months (representing +1549 sales). 

There was also an increase of  3,16% in the conversion rate from the paid media in the client’s app (in Finances category), which represent an increase of 480,72% in the conversion rate in just 3 months.

The chart shows the Installs, Sales (First Buys) and the app’s Conversion Rate every month from the start of our intervention (may) to August. 

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