How a Finance app reversed negative comments

  • Reviews’ Intelligence work reduces negative comments left on Finance app from 18% to 13%
  • The App went from 4,2-Star Rating to 4,3-Star Rating even after a 522% increase in reviews

Find out how the solution went.


As you may imagine, personal finance apps need to build trust with their users. Having several positive ratings is one way of building this credibility. 

However, in this particular case, the app had some technical issues, and the users often came back to the store to reduce the rating previously given (in about 20%). Thus, in the three months preceding RankMyAPP’s work, the negative comment’s rate was 18,2%. 

There was no systematic follow-up of these comments, which could be used by the technical team to solve the problems. There was also a programmed reviews campaign to increase in the number of comments, which could possibly negatively impact the overall rating. 


To increase the number of good reviews, we worked on Reviews’ Intelligence through RankMyAPP. 

  • Systematically response to the comments. 
  • Report on technical problems to the specialized team 
  • Post-correction monitoring and reporting to users about the solution
  • Support in questions regarding the app’s usability


The users, noticing the support and the concern in solving their problems, often came back to the store to leave a higher rating. Besides, questions and doubts are a great source of negative comments and can be solved through Reviews’ Intelligence. 


The graphic shows the tone of the comments from people who came back to the store to rate the app for a second time, after a negative or positive experience with the product.

Sentiment analysis rate from users who rated the app between 01/11/2018 and 31/01/2019.

Sentiment analysis rate from users who rated the app between 01/06/2019 and 31/08/2019.

Green means a positive sentiment; red means a negative one; orange equals to a neutral sentiment and blue refers to a conflicting sentiment.

We counted a 79,4% rate of positive reviews – against 72,4% in the months preceding our work. The negative comments also declined: initially they were 18,2% and, after our intervention, the rate was 13%. 

Even increasing the reviews in 522%, the app’s overall rating also got better: it increased 0.1, changing to 4.3-Stars. 

Through work on Reviews’ Intelligence, it is possible to gain more visibility for the app, additionally to increase the trust between users and the brand. This service is essential and might represent a much more positive performance.  

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