How Easynvest increased the positive sentiment of its reviews by 415%

  • Up to 67% of users returned to the store to review it positively.
  • Users’ sentiment went from 72% negative and 15% positive to 9.6% negative and 79.9% positive.

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Reversal of reviews in the app store


Founded in the 1960s, Easynvest was one of the first investment brokers in Brazil to launch the home broker, a virtual version that today has completely replaced the physical electronic trading floor.

Thus, it became a pioneer in the world of finance and, in 2016, it was also the first company to launch an application aimed at Fixed Income. In the same year, it ranked as leader in the ranking of investments in Tesouro Direto (Brazilian Treasury Direct).

RankMyAPP’s work with Easynvest started through the ASO (App Store Optimization). However, we saw that these techniques could be better used by earning a better rating for the app. Thus, we saw the need to include the response to comments clients made on the application page as a support for the ASO actions.

This is important for achieving downloads because users also base their decision whether or not to download the app on the rating other users give it. Responding to reviews also inspires more credibility and shows how the company is concerned with solving problems and accepting suggestions.

A need was perceived to respond to negative comments, reporting the problems pointed out by users to Easynvest’s hardworking development teams, UX, and UI. Our work focused on reversing these reviews through optimized, personalized comments that showed the brand’s concern for its clients.


We were able to improve the app rating in the store and to reverse negative reviews very expressively, with up to 67% of users returning to the store with a higher rating.

We achieved these positive results in two ways: by responding to comments in the Easynvest app store and by the exhaustive work of the company’s teams to make the adjustments and improvements to the app.

See below the sentiment breakdown for the three months preceding the work (July, August, and September 2018):


As you can see, the dominant sentiment among the app’s reviewers is negative (72.8%). In all, there were about 250 comments, with a high rate of dissatisfaction.

This result directly affects the app’s performance in the store and also the decision whether or not to create an investor account with Easynvest. A Fenabran survey on Banking Technology showed that, in 2018, 35% of bank transactions were made using smartphones. This shows users’ increasing preference to conduct their financial activities using mobile phones.

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After we started the actions to reverse reviews, the sentiment regarding the Easynvest app was mostly positive. In the third quarter of work (July, August, and September 2019), the scenario changed substantially:

See how the scenario has changed even further. Positive mentions increased to 79.9% of the total, and not even 10% (9.6%) of mentions are negative. Here we see a reduction of about 50% in the percentage of negative mentions since the first quarter of work, and an increase of about 15% in the percentage of positive mentions.

These results have the potential to increase the number of downloads, retain clients, and optimize the application according to reports from clients who have experienced problems. Let’s see: the app rating before we started was 2.9 stars. In the first quarter of work, it improved to 4.2 stars and in the third quarter, 4.7 stars.

The care shown in the responses to the reviews and the effect perceived by the user with the changes made was responsible for the change. While we serve the user, we adjust UX, UI, and system development problems and, for that reason, we count on the active participation of Easynvest’s teams.

In the third quarter of work, recurrence was 1077 users. Among those who received a response, 67% rated it positively, and 4% negatively. Among those who did not receive a response, 41% gave it a new positive rating, and 19% gave a negative rating.

With response:


To better understand the importance of responding to comments in the app store, here’s an example:

Here, we see the importance of offering optimized responses that are personalized and concerned with the problem the user describes. This motivates users to return to the store and increase their rating, showing their satisfaction with the service.

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