Job hunt app increases its rate of positive sentiment in 25%

  • Ratings increased by 558%
  • Rate of positive sentiment related to the app increased by 25%
  • A positive reversal in the app’s rating.

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As the search for jobs online increases every day, so does the competition amongst apps. Thus, it is important – and often a labour-intensive task – to guarantee a satisfying experience, one that makes the job hunt easier for users. 

The company had a broad user base: more than 7 million CVs registered and more than 4 thousand daily CV registries.

Additionally to the challenge of dealing with such a broad and very active user base, an app replacement was done, which had an impact on the app position in the stores. 

However, this was also a chance to understand some of the old system’s flaws and to apply what was learned in the new software.

The main problems we faced were: 

1- The client did not know much about the user satisfaction with the app and if they were being successful in their careers. 

2-  The client didn’t know either what had worked in the old app and could still be applied in the new one nor what should be discarded from the user point of view.


Four tasks composed the work of RankMyAPP:

1- The old app already held a good ranking in the app stores. In the new version, it was needed to work on the ranking to quickly reach the same level. However, beyond the keywords’ optimization, robust work was done to also increase the number of ratings.

2- Our second task was to discover more about what do the users of the job hunt apps think. Thus, we used sentiment analysis, seeking feedback about the old app. 

3- We mapped out the user’s evaluations in the competitors’ apps to better understand their performance. To make the execution of our work easier, we used some key-metrics: the number of ratings and reviews received; users’ sentiment rate; an average of stars in ratings and average of stars in reviews.


+558,64% Ratings received 

+343,31% Reviews 

We ran analyses in December and February to compare results. Based on these analyses, it was possible to generate important insights that would base the improvements in the new app. The client, following our recommendation and suggestion, performed an action aiming to increase the users’ engagement with the new app: through in-app notifications, the client tried to collect more reviews in the app stores.

+25,8% Rate of positive sentiment


+0,57 Stars 

(Average of stars in reviews x Average of stars (overall) / Reviews’ Volume // December 2018 / January 2019 / February 2019 / March 2019 // Average of stars / Average of Reviews)

We believe that positive reviews increased because people who are not satisfied with the service are more willing to leave “spontaneous feedback” about the products. By creating in-app actions that encouraged reviews, we managed to stimulate the satisfied users to leave comments and give their score.

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