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RankMyAPP is the first Brazilian company 100% focused on mobile intelligence and performance. It was created in 2015, initially thought as a solution to improve apps’ positionings in the stores’ rankings.

We developed our own technology capable of analysing over 1 million app registrations, keywords and categories on a daily basis. This way we enhance the optimizations and improve the results’ performance.

We’re now a global reference in marketing intelligence and acquisition for mobile apps and our list of clients includes Vivo, Itaú, Natura and Magazine Luiza. We’re also listed as one of the 3 main ASO companies in the world, according to Business of Apps.

Banks, shopping, services, communications, transport… Whichever is your segment, we contribute to the growth of the most used apps in Brazil and in Latin America.

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What is RankMyAPP?

RankMyAPP is a corporative solution and global reference in marketing intelligence, acquisition and promotion of mobile apps. Having developed its own technology, RankMyAPP is the first Brazilian company 100% focused on mobile intelligence and performance to improve the digital communication of our clients.

How can RankMyAPP enhance my app’s Customer Acquisition Strategies?

Our Mobile Intelligence solutions use big data to analyse millions of data from apps on a daily basis. Based on this analysis, our specialists establish the best strategies for each app - going from intelligence and data-driven optimizations in the app stores, App Store Optimization, to the increase of conversion rates and Competitor Analysis for market-share growth.

How does RankMyAPP improve the ROI of Customer Acquisition Strategies for my app?

With the solutions focused on Mobile Performance, we structure, automate and optimize the Customer Acquisition Strategies and Monetization through 3 main media buying strategies: DSP, Programmatic and Retargeting. With custom KPIs and aligned with your strategy, it is possible to identify and reach qualified niches of mobile users - besides the insights generations through the constant analysis of trends and behaviours inside the app.

Does answering the ratings of my app have some impact on the position in the app store?

Absolutely. The more comments and ratings your app has, better the position in the stores. With our Reviews’ Intelligence solutions, our Proprietary Algorithm runs the sentiment analyses in the comments left in the app stores, using machine learning techniques to categorize them. This way, it is possible to have precise and custom answers to the comments, which will help you improve the app ratings and its position in the store.

Are there any minimum criteria that my app needs to meet in order to be covered by the solutions offered by RankMyApp?

Yes, there are. Your app must have already been launched, have a user base and some investment in marketing.
For performance solutions, it is also needed to install a mobile tracking tool. If you are not familiar with these tools, don’t worry: our specialised staff will help you out and connect you with our partners that provide the mobile tracking service.

What is the difference between RankMyAPP solutions and the other ones in the market?

We offer solutions in 3 different areas: Mobile Intelligence, Mobile Performance and Reviews’ Intelligence. By integrating this range of solutions for mobile marketing, we can offer a more strategic and exclusive look to your business than other services working with just one solution.
Besides, we have developed our own technology and have a specialized support team, always mindful to the unique needs of each app from our clients and presenting results focused on the more important KPIs.

What are the benefits of being a RankMyAPP client?

From their entry in RankMyAPP, our clients will have results focused on bringing the best ROI and on building a good user base for the app - both organically or through acquisition campaigns. Our clients are also invited to exclusive events held by RankMyAPP to listen to the greatest mobile marketing professionals discussing the most relevant topics in the market, amplifying their knowledge and network.


Leandro Scalise

Leandro Scalise


Responsible for the executive management, growth and strategic future of the company.

Rodrigo Castro

Rodrigo Castro


Responsible for the product and innovation areas.

Bruno Felix

Bruno Felix


Leader of sales and partnerships.

Juliana Assunção

Juliana Assunção


Responsible for consolidating and expanding the brand and for disseminating contents of mobile marketing.

Francisca Almeida

Francisca Almeida


Responsible for the Operations and leader of processes related to organizational culture.

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