4 growth hacks to increase your keyword analysis

Published on October 11, 2018.

We know that choosing keywords to optimize an app is often harder than it looks. There is always the possibility of choosing something that doesn’t match with your app idea, the focus may shift to long tail keywords and result in loss of traffic or you may choose competitive ones that don’t get you ranked.

So, what should you do to increase your app results by improving the keywords? Well, we have some growth hacking strategies to help you with keywords analysis to get success when ranking apps.

1- How to explore the different types of keywords

When we talk about apps and long, medium and short tail keywords, it’s easy to choose which one fits better to the app to be found in the app stores and we are going to say why:

Short tail keywords are simple words with no goal. We say that because if you search for the term “wallet” on Google millions of results will show and probably what you’re looking for specifically will not be there, not mention the competition. And it work in the same way in the app stores.

At the same time, a long tail keyword like “japanese restaurant for couples to celebrate dating anniversary” is so specific and long that the traffic will be much lower too.

The best option to have a considerable traffic and still compete with other apps is the medium tail, that it will be probably the things that people are looking for, like “dollar quotation today”.

2- Organise your strategy

It’s important to say that the process that involves keywords comes from ASO and the optimization of the app. Changing strategy is necessary. We say that because depending on the phase of the apps, you may want different goals to the project.

So start a brainstorm session with all the possibilities of keywords that you would like to have in your app, even the ones that have too much competition and most likely won’t be your choice, you will find some long tail or medium tail variation that fits.

3- Analyze the competition

One of the ways to know if the keywords may have high success is by analyzing the competition. Check what kind of strategy they are adopting and how you can use it in your favour.

Maybe if the competition is high and those apps are more popular than yours, it’s possible to find other keywords instead of using the same as they are. Or, at the same time, if your app has chances to get on ranking, check where they use specific keywords on app page.

4- Optimization

As we said, App Store Optimization is responsible to put your app in the ranking by optimizing for it. What is the goal behind doing so? Use it as a strategy for everyone who’s searching on app stores to find your app. people that search something in the app stores find your app.

But, it’s not enough use the keyword in the title. It’s possible to put it in the description, for example, and not just the main one, you can use secondary keywords too. More than keywords, you can optimize elements that doesn’t necessary need it.

It’s impossible think of having an app and not optimizing it. Without keywords, people will never find the app, because users wants to have everything fast, the first app that appears will be chosen.

On the other side, if you are thinking all this process as being much too complicated, we have a solution! RankMyApp is specialized in App Store Optimization and can do everything for your app.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to talk with one of our app marketing specialists, who will help you to understand how ASO works and the necessity of it for your app!

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