App Statistics: a 2017 retrospective and projections for 2018

Published on 2 de March de 2018.

The end of 2017 resulted in a global boom of applications after smartphones and mobile internet usage grew. The App Statistics shows, for instance, that the consumer gets to spend 3 hours on apps along the day, and 13 times more on mobiles rather than computers, according to the App Annie.

Statistics on download analyze a growth in the number of users who are interested in new applications, thus leveraging the market to become attractive for the entrepreneur who is interested in monetizing this area. Read below for a better understanding of what happened in 2017 and for an overview of 2018 projections.

How was 2017 according to App Analytics?

The App Annie website – specialist on apps – conducted a survey regarding application performance in 2017:

      App downloads exceeded US$175 billion, a 60% growth over 2015;

      Consumers spent an average of US$86 billion, 105% more than in 2015,

      Each user spends an average of 1.5 months on apps per year, a 30% increase over 2015.

Popular Apps have shown a substantial strengthening of the Google Play Store and Apple Store. However, less known brands are not far behind and strive for results, thus resulting in competition by gathering new users for a position in the ranking of app stores.

Mobile User Behavior

Expressive numbers show that users have had an engagement with apps never seen before, especially with social media apps, transports, games, and music/videos.

Entrepreneurial apps also gained prominence in 2017, still. Users’ preference for purchasing on mobiles has increased, even more due to features such as e-wallet – Samsung Pay and Apple Pay – where users’ data remain automatically saved for future purchases.

In order to boost this engaged audience, it is necessary to “conquer” them every day. An app that looks fresh at first but does not receive upgrades over time leads the user lacking mobile storage to delete it to release memory.

Ideally, there should be a target audience research and, preferably, one that is always up-to-date so that the app can suit its users better and make them loyal to the tool.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality were a shift in the consumer experience, allowing them to find new features for their mobile.

Virtual reality enables users to transport to wherever they want through recreations, simulations or representations. It is possible, for instance, to get to know the pyramids of Egypt through the cell phone screen as if one was actually there.

Augmented reality attach some elements to reality, such as images, 3D objects or videos. If you want to change your hair, it is possible to simulate how the desired haircut would fit on your own face.

The user experience and the use of Chatbots

Chatbot is a software applied for managing automatic messages used in applications to better serve its users. This feature is currently used by trending apps in a very intelligent and dynamic way, avoiding the “talking to a robot” feeling.

The bot is not new to the market. Mobile recharge messages and telemarketing calls have been around for a while. Today, the novelty is the interactivity and closeness to the consumer.

In a comfortable way, the user can make purchases or solve problems with a robot without feeling that it is in an automated conversation. Consequently, it is also convenient for those behind the application.

How will 2018 be if we think about the statistics app?

Just as 2017, 2018 has very positive evolution predictions. Services like ASO are on the rise for optimizing applications in an organic and intelligent way. Therefore, being connected to this market is very important for your app growth.

The Chatbots mentioned above will also play an important role this year, as well as artificial intelligence, which is prevalent in released and updated applications.

Another good news is the cost for creating applications. The trend is that by 2018, it will be much cheaper to develop and create apps. In addition to profitability, the initial investment cost tends to drop as the market moves forward.

Given this scenario, 2018 is the right year to take on and to start an investment in the application market, since the previous year presented good results and gave opportunities for everyone to leverage their business.

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