App Store review: why reply App Store Connect users?

Published on October 20, 2018.

You probably already know about App Store Connect, right? If you don’t we wrote an article earlier on the subject. In essence it’s a resource from Apple, that used to be known as Itunes connect, that helps the developers to monitor their app elements.

But one of the things to pay attention to is app store review. The resource from Apple allows the developer keep up with and still answer comments made by users. It’s important because it shows to users that as app creators support is always available with timely problem resolution.

What is the best way to reply to users on App Store Connect?

We say that this platform transformed how developers interacted with users. It’s because before it was very hard to answer directly to the user because this functionality was absent for the Apple Store.

So why before it wasn’t important and now you have to answer the user comments regarding the app? Well, the main goal for a developer after getting a user for the app is to work on retaining him or her. That’s not possible without giving the user necessary attention.

Another advantage of App Store Connect is that now it’s easier to find out the comments, monitoring all the movement inside the app’s page. So, before everything, you need to login to the app to have access to the overview of the apps that you possess.

In the part of “Activities” of the App Store Connect, you can visualize all of the Apple reviews left by users. In the same tab you can click on “reply” to answer the comments there. It’s not necessary to access another page.

After you write your answer and publish that, it will be available in the app’s page publicly, for everybody to see the comments.

Some tips to follow

Thinking that sometimes it’s very hard to know the right way to talk with your client, we have some tips that will help you to be more confident in your words.

  •     Don’t use ready-made phrases. Show to your users that you are authentic and your message is personalized to them. A good tip is to address the user, using his name in the answer;
  •     Always thank for the feedback. Even that the review of the user is negative, complaining about something, show that the comment is still important to your app growth;
  •     Try to be positive in your answers. Negative review? Show to the user another point of view. That should resolve the question.

App Store review and App Store Optimization

It’s clear that App Store review interferes in the performance of the app when we talk about optimization. So, more than answering reviews from the users, it’s important incentivize them to make it.

Imagine a new user visiting your app page who doesn’t see any comments about users that already used your app, the chances of he giving up and finding another app with recommendation is high.

So, there are some strategies gently ask users some feedback about your app. Comments are precious for App Store Optimization!

One of the possibilities is not new, but works! While the person is using the app, it’s possible to ask for some feedback. A box will appear asking him if he wants to give a review now or later. If he chooses “now”, the user will be directed to the app’s page on the Apple Store.

But be careful. For example, if your app is a game, don’t ask for a feedback in the middle of the game, it will not incentivize the user. But you can ask for feedback after the user has cleared a level or won the game.

It’s possible to use the push notification too. But pay attention in both strategies to not bother your user asking a feedback all the time. It has to be natural.

If you want to know more how App Store reviews are important for your app and you feel that need support with it, don’t hesitate to talk with one of our specialists in app marketing!

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