Mobile app KPIs: what are they and how to analyze them?

When we are developing an application, we go often to great lengths to get good results. But have you and your staff ever heard of mobile app KPI?

The best way to measure whether your app is succeeding or not is to analyze if the applied strategies are bringing results and new users, and this can all be done with numbers and percentages through KPIs. Let’s understand a bit better how these indicators can help you reach good positioning on app rankings.

What are KPIs?

The KPI acronym means: Key Performance Indicator. That is, this toolkit is nothing more than a key indicator that shows the performance of your app in general.

In order to choose a good KPI for your business it is first necessary to set goals. To do this, each one of your goals must be defined and, from them, the KPI will measure performances so that it is possible to start an evaluation.

These measures can be done by numbers or percentages. For example, tracking how many people visit the page to convert your app sums 100 users per day, but the positive page review percentage is 82%.

Mobile KPIs

Your app is awesome! It presents an appealing design, its features are well configured and you consider it essential. So what you expect the most is that it generates audience, gets views, conversions and millions of accesses when downloaded.

And when your app starts running on app stores, tracking your revenue through KPIs and metrics is critical to measuring your progress and achieving success, always going towards your final goals.

The 4 most important metrics for mobile

It’s interesting to choose some metrics that address your application’s needs, such as how many people visit your app page on app stores, how many installs or uninstalls it, what are the feedbacks submitted, etc.

1- Engagement

Among the metrics for mobile apps, engagement is a great indicator to evaluate your consumer.


Some numbers should be noted in this regard, such as the average time users spend on your app, tools that build a heat map – analyzing which tabs of the site/web are most accessed – and the number of page visitors.

2- User Experience

The user experience is usually calculated on a scale. From 0 to 10, how much do your users recommend the app to friends, family, and so on? Some results may already give us a hint:

  • Grades from 0 to 6: these users haven’t had a good experience, and are categorized as detractors;
  • Grades between 7 and 8: neutral users, could consider their experience as good or reasonable,
  • Grades between 9 and 10: consumers with a lot of potential to be engaged users who had an excellent experience with your service.

3- Mobile marketing

Renowned companies are betting on KPI for mobile marketing, such as Amazon and Starbucks, in order to provide a better user experience and leave the competition behind.

It is needless to give reasons to invest in mobile devices since this market is on steady expansion. But if you still don’t have a mobile strategy and haven’t defined KPIs to strengthen your marketing, you won’t know if your campaigns will succeed.

Therefore, invest in growth hacking and planning based on KPIs that are understandable, for everyone involved to know what they are dealing with. This will lead to positive outcomes and promote further improvement of the app.

4- ASO

To introduce changes and work on KPI results, App Store Optimization can be a great ally. There are ASO metrics that are very useful and will put your app in evidence.

For example, measuring the climb on rankings through keywords, growth and conversion of downloads (mainly organic ones), and ratings assigned with revisions. All these indicators are optimized by ASO.

How to analyze the results?

Finally, it is necessary to analyze all the results using the chosen metrics. The ideal is to gather all data and propose improvements. What is functional? What is not? Adapt to your consumer, re-evaluate the content and service provided, and be sure to use KPIs to compare your performance.

Learn more about how ASO metrics work and improve your application with RankMyApp, which provides a customized analysis for your app!


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