The most downloaded apps: what are the top games in the app stores?

Published on February 8, 2019.

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Games as a category of apps are quite competitive and it’s difficult to rank them. Not only there are too many games already but the retention rates are low.

So, how some app games have so much success and people love to play them? We made a list of the most downloaded apps, taking examples from both Apple Store and Google Play Store, to understand why they are different compared to others.

1- Candy Crush Saga

The most successful game in the history of apps, Candy Crush Saga was downloaded so many times that it became the most popular game app there is. In the Apple Store it ranks in the, first place and in the Google Play Store in second place.

Talking about the game, for sure the structure collaborates to success. A beautiful and colorful design combined with a game that has infinite number of levels make the name of the game recognized.

Another point that collaborates with it was the possibility of connecting with Facebook. People can play it on Facebook web or on Candy Crush. The dynamics require that users depend on each other to get life’s or pass a level.

And for users that doesn’t have Facebook, for example, there are other activities that have to compensate the absence of friends.

Talking about the the process of App Store Optimization, Candy Crush is impeccable. They invest in a colorful design like in the game, the icon, description, screenshots and videos are very clear and really show what the app does.

2- Subway surfers

The second place goes to Subway surfers. In the Google Play Store, Subway surfers is number one in the ranking, just losing the first place in the Apple Store to Candy Crush.

Subway Surfers have the same purpose as the first one: the infinity. But it works in a different way. Developed for kids and young people, the game can approach all kinds of public. They use a good strategy: free download but have paid levels and options inside the app.

The best part of this strategy is that you can get people to purchase items inside the game. It became popular because of using the background of different cities around the world.

The optimization is very objective to say to the user the potential of what the app is about. The colours used are lively as welland the game has some characters that people never forget it.

3- Clash of Clans

This game is very famous for who loves to construct things and fight for it. In both app stores Clash of Clans are in the top 10 and it is much praised because the developers are always worried about updates.

This point is very important when we talk about game categories. This kind of app has to have attention in the updates, because you never know where the user will reach and, more than that, it can not be obsolete.

The challenge makes the user stay in the game. It’s an important point. People want to be challenged, they don’t want to play and play and play to get nowhere. The optimization of this app is very intense too.

They placed all bets in a simple design but at the same time show exactly what the app is for: build things and and construct your own clan. The videos, mainly are intuitive and explain in a few seconds what the user needs to do.

4- Minion Rush

The most funny game: Minion Rush! The game of  the movie Despicable Me got all the top spots in the app stores. Proof of this is that the game stays unshakable in the top 10 of the ranking.

The game has the same purpose as Subway Surfers, but the main difference is the characters, the cutest minions steal the scene and run a lot to get all of bananas as possible. The idea is to always remember the movie, that is very famous.

Their advantage is changing the theme of the app all the time. They always update according to what is happening in the world, like halloween, christmas, summer or winter. It makes the user to not feel bored with the app.

ASO speaking, the fact that the game is from a movie, people get interested way more. But anyway, the optimization is very well made, with good screenshots and videos and, obviously, a giant minion in the icon!

The category of games is the busiest one and never stopping. Games are being created all the time! But it’s not all of them that are the most downloaded apps, right? If you want to read more texts like that, subscribe to our newsletter!

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