Why focus on a marketing business plan for your app?

Published on October 26, 2018.

It’s really hard start a project without planning it, even more when we work with apps and  millions of other applications being our competition in the app stores. The first thing to do if you want to get success with your app is create a marketing business plan.

The funny is that everything about it starts with a simple idea. Even so, as we know that this kind of planning can be hard to make, we have some tips that can guide you.  

Start from where?

It’s important to define the priorities in your marketing business plan. But you probably are asking, what is priority in this case? Start by establishing the goals of your app. Do you want to get more visibility? More conversions? or retention?

Of course — all developers want these three things in their apps. What has to come first? Maybe retention can work better after you improve your visibility and get more conversions, right? So, organize your marketing objectives thinking about it.

One — or two — steps forward

Why your business would work if your plan is like others? Apps have success because they are different compared to others. Instagram is just Instagram because other social media channels cannot be like it.

Actually, they can, but it would be a copy. In the future for sure will appear another app that will substitute Instagram, like Facebook replaced Orkut. But this is not a subject to think about right now.

The thing is, think out of the box, put on paper everything you want about your app and start a brainstorm: what is possible to do and what maybe will not work now.

About expectations

As we said before, you have to focus on what is possible to do. The priorities have to be clear in your mind to really work. The expectations have to line with the money you have, if your budget is not high.

But it’s necessary to think what is possible to execute. For example, the only way for people download your app is if it is available on the app stores. When you accept the terms of use, you have to follow it.

So put limits in your ideas according to the things that you are obligated to do. Like host your app in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Get out of the comfort zone

But you just read that you have to control your ideas, what is that now? Hold on, control your ideas for things and rules. Besides that, don’t stay in your comfort zone. Think of your plan as an opportunity to make something different.

Simple example, instead of making a community announcement include in some social media ads and messages about your app launch. What do you think about creating a different campaign just like BuzzFeed did and promote your app.

This is just a banal example among millions of possibilities that you can explore. You can play with the elements of the app to attract users. With a good optimization and your ASO always update, there is no problem to try something new.

Follow your evolution

All the actions taken that involves your app have to be documented. We say that because everything that is done needs to be analyzed. Does it work or not? It’s possible to repeat or maybe it’s not a good idea?

Study marketing strategies already taken to facilitate the next ones. And it still can give you some insights to have new ideas!

But it’s not just limited to marketing business plan. Investing in App Store Optimization is the only way to be in the ranking and get more downloads. If you feel a little bit lost in how to do that, we have a complete e-book for you, check it out!

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