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The best strategy to increase your app’s visibility

Mobile Intelligence explores all the features of an app searching for higher organic visibility in the stores and in search engines. There are more than 5 million apps available in the two main app stores and you need to stand out with such competition.

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App’s organic growth

Better ranking and more visibility in the stores, contributing to the increase in the organic conversion rate.

Higher visibility for your brand

The better the positioning in the stores’ rankings, the more visibility your app will have.

Market-share growth

A personalised analysis of similar apps and categories, bringing insights about your competitors.

Reach of more qualified users

One in every four people discovers an app through active search. To understand which terms bring the right users helps qualify your base. Source:


We have already boosted the positioning of hundreds of applications through Mobile Intelligence.
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We use our own Big Data technology, creating a RankMyAPP exclusive mobile intelligence.

In-depth analyses

We combine competition analysis, market data, app and stores data, in addition to opportunity analysis - all through our own technology based on an algorithm created by RankMyAPP.

Organic-growth strategy (ASO - App Store Optimization)

Definition of the best keywords and optimization of all elements (such as images and descriptions), focused on improving the app’s positioning.

Qualified users

We study the ideal audience to create a specific strategy for them, considering their actions and needs.

Results follow-up

We analyse the results of every action, including the monitoring of the keywords, in order to guide the work’s next steps.

App’s growth

Besides improving your positioning, combining strategies also has the potential to increase your app’s market-share, boost your conversion rates and attract more qualified and prepared users for sales.

Exclusive support

Your project will be under the care of a specialised and trained team, ready to support you in your needs and answer your questions.


ASO Definitive Guide

ASO Definitive Guide
Stand out in the mobile market with valuable information about the industry


With more than 600 clients, RankMyAPP has developed holistic expertise, with a strategic look at all features of an app.

First Brazilian Company 100% focused on Mobile Intelligence and Performance

Own big data technology analysing millions of data every day in the apps to develop new strategies.

Responsible for the creation of the first mobile marketing community; event production for the sector.

Our team, trained in an exclusive process, will transform the journey of your app, reaching visibility as you have never seen before.

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