Mobile Performance

Strategic performance boost for your app

Our Mobile Performance branch works with the main media buying strategies (DSP, Programmatic and Retargeting) to get the best ROI. We structure, automatize and optimize the acquisition campaigns and monetization focused on your most important metrics.

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App’s growth

Our specialized team frames the campaigns strategically to increase the conversion rates and the revenue using a small investment.

Safety of your investment

We scale-up campaigns to guarantee that your budget will be well used in favour of your performance.

ROI-guided goals

In all our campaigns, we create strategies considering the best return over investment.

Reach of segmented audience

We target the campaigns strategically to reach the right audience, an audience with potential for conversion.


Our strategies played a crucial role in several apps’ stories of success. Discover some of these cases:

We gather the client’s strategy with our expertise to create amazing results

Data-based strategies

We run an in-depth study of all the data in the app to better understand the audience, its behaviour and to create personalised strategies.

Campaign management

We take care of all the processes of investing in performance campaigns in the main media buying channels: DSP, Programmatic and Retargeting. Besides, we scale-up the campaigns to optimize the budget to guarantee zero waste.

Continuous analysis and optimization

We analyse both the campaigns and the data generated by them to bring insights to your business, besides optimizing campaigns for better outcomes.

Connection with ad exchange channels

The ad exchange is where the real-time sale and buying of ad inventory happens. We are connected to dozens of specialized partners, increasing the possibilities of auctions and the ads’ performances.

Exclusive support

You can talk to our team at any time and check the progress of all campaigns, besides sharing your questions, concerns and better understanding your audience.


Performance Media

Performance Media
All About Mobile Strategy


With more than 600 clients, RankMyAPP has developed holistic expertise, with a strategic look at all features of an app.

First Brazilian Company 100% focused on Mobile Intelligence and Performance

Own big data technology analysing millions of data every day in the apps to develop new strategies.

Responsible for the creation of the first mobile marketing community; event production for the sector.

Our team, trained in an exclusive process, will boost your app’s performance with the best investment possible.

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