How can we help your app growth?

RankMyApp is a solution to increase brand visibility, organic traffic, and user acquisitions. We are a full marketing intelligence technology for mobile app growth used by more than 300 apps like Nike, Duolingo, B2W, Netshoes, Movistar and Sephora in 12 different countries.

ASO – App Store Optimization

ASO is a technique to improve mobile visibility by optimizing the keywords in the app’s name and description.

It is similar to SEO (Search Engines Optimization) but ASO is focused on mobile apps.

RankMyApp has its own technology that monitors thousands of keywords daily in app stores. Strategic keywords are selected and will guide the optimization according to the plan of action outlined by our mobile specialists.

App Reviews Analysis

We work with customized replies to app reviews using data analysis to understand rating changes, turning real feedbacks into action plans.

We generate monthly and biweekly analyzes with reviews categorization and competitor tracking.

Paid User Acquisition

We work with mobile performance-based campaigns according to your goals. CPM to reach more visibility for your app in short-term period, CPI to bring more qualified app users and CPA for campaigns focused in new in-app purchases.

Success Cases Studies

Mobile Marketing Companies

Even with perfect planning to launch your app, there are some adjustments that have to be made by someone who is knowledgeable about right strategies. That’s why you need a mobile marketing company to boost your business.

It’s crucial that your service is available on mobile devices. Nowadays, it’s practical for a user to access everything on smartphones, without the need to leave home, for example. But, for your app to be successful, you need more than a good idea. So, let’s check out what is missing.

How can a mobile marketing company help your business?

mobile marketing company

Before understanding how a mobile marketing company can help your business, it’s nice to know what’s mobile marketing. More than providing a service to the clients, you need to have clients. And this happens if your app has many downloads.

With so much competition in app stores, some apps get “hidden” in their categories, and most users wouldn’t even know about your app. So, that’s why mobile marketing company works to collaborate with your business.

The main goal is to rank your app in app stores, generate new organic downloads and, after that, work on retaining users. All of this requires techniques and specialized tools.

Besides the work of optimizing your app, the second part is analyzing the results and comprehend what strategies brought positive numbers and what tactics have to be improved.

In mobile marketing strategies, some common questions have to be answered, to boost growth and have the app featured in app store.

How are the users going to find your app? How was the first experience after using your app? Are they going to use it again? Is it possible to make money with this business? How are you going to do that? And lastly, do users talk about your app? Do they tell about it to their friends?

All of this questions have a proposal. Get new users, make them have a good experience using your service, retain users, and so on. A good experience compels users to talk about the app and downloads sky rocket. The process of App Store Optimization includes optimizing all of your apps to get these results. It’s almost impossible to survive in the shark tank of app stores without a good selection of keywords, choice of right photos and videos and, of course, have the best title for your app.

App Store Optimization

As we said, App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing your app with the intention to rank it, give it more visibility, attract new conversions and make it retainable.

ASO works with Apple Store and Google Play. Both stores have different algorithms that decide if the score of your app is good enough to warrant top placement among millions of apps.

Mostly, people find apps by searching them on app stores. So, if your app is well-positioned, the name of your brand’s going to appear first when somebody is looking for a keyword that you have used to describe your app.

This process is divided into two parts: before launching the app and after launch. All of your apps passes in a X-ray to improve and optimize everything that can be affected by the search mechanisms.

The first one is the title of the app; it’s essential that the keyword of your app be in the title. The name has to be simple and easy to understand. Users will not remember big and complicated names.

The app icon has to be excellent. The quality has to prevail. That’s why it’s recommended to hire a good designer who’s able to make a perfect logo. It’s time to define a color palette too.

For keywords, ASO will be crucial to the decide the best options. If possible, use a maximum five keywords. It’s essential to maintain a relationship between the keywords selected in the app description and title.

More than choosing some keywords, it’s necessary to analyze which one have more search volume, if you need a long or short tail keyword to improve the visibility of your app.

Another important detail is selecting the best screenshots to show to users what service you are offering because it is the only way people see what is inside your app.

App reviews analysis

App reviews analysis

One of the most important parts of App Store Optimization analysis is analyzing reviews of your app. We know that sometimes it’s really hard to accept some suggestions and negative reviews, but we need to deal with all.

Mobile marketing service helps you with this. There is a selection of reviews, separating what is negative and what is positive. It’s crucial to answer the negative ones because it’s the only way to show to your user that you’re worried about his problem.

The idea is to try to solve the problem by giving solutions to the user, providing an update, for example, that can correct the issue at hand.

Reviews can be a barometer to show if your user is satisfied with the service that you’re offering. So, if you are receiving a lot of negative comments about the same thing, it’s a signal that something has to change. In much the same way, if there are lots of comments about some function of your app that everybody is praising, give attention to this and look at improving your marketing app in this aspect.

And, of course, don’t forget that the reviews are available to people who’re interested in downloading your app, in other words, it can make or break conversions of your app, it’s the first impression of your service.

Acquisition strategy

There are different types of user acquisition strategies merged between paid and free acquisition based on campaigns. You have many options to encourage new installs for your app.

It is possible to work with providing promotions and discounts to the user, social media, native ads, video ads, banner ads and others. For example, you can use a video in a social media ad that calls attention to the user.

In Instagram, if your app is a game, for example, you can put a preview of the game in a video, the number of users interested in this kind of ad is impressive. People got hypnotized, and want to play the game.

Other option is to work with Facebook, there, you can provide a demo version of your app for users to experiment the sensation of game play. This is a different and effective strategy that really works in social media.

And more than attract new users, it’s very important to retain those you already have. An option is always retargeting your public and offering exclusive discounts. It’s nice to give a gift to a user that completed one year using your app, for example.

So, have the benefit of using all such strategies that a mobile marketing company can offer to your app, because even the smallest actions can propel app growth and contribute to the visibility of your brand.

If you’re interested in any or all these benefits, our advice for you is to contact one of our specialists in App Store Optimization of RankMyApp!

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