How can we help your app growth?

RankMyApp is a solution for mobile user acquisition which helps apps increase brand visibility by leveraging organic traffic and new installs. We are a full marketing intelligence technology for mobile app growth already performed in more than 300 apps like Nike, Duolingo, B2W, Netshoes, Movistar and Sephora in 12 different countries in 2,5 years.

ASO – App Store Optimization

ASO is a method to improve mobile visibility by optimizing the keywords inserted in the app’s name and description.

It is similar to SEO (Search Engines Optimization) but ASO is focused on mobile apps.
RankMyApp has its own technology that monitors thousands of keywords daily in app stores. Strategic keywords are selected and will guide the optimization according to the plan of action outlined by our mobile specialists.

App Reviews Analysis

We work with customized and assertive replies to app reviews using data analysis to understand rating changes, turning real feedbacks into action plans.

We generate monthly and biweekly analyzes with reviews categorization and competitor tracking.

Paid User Acquisition

We work with mobile performanced-based campaigns totally according to client’s goals. CPM to reach more visibility for your app in short-term period, CPI to bring more qualified app users and CPA for campaigns focused in new in-app purchases.

Success Cases Studies

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