App Reviews with Sentiment Analysis

Where our technology and experts work together mining keywords and popular topics from current app reviews resulting in a basic sentiment analysis of the audience.

Sentiment Analysis with Categorization

Beyond basic analysis, app reviews are categorized by topic with guidance for features improvements.

Sentiment Analysis and Competitors’ Analysis

Our team collects data from your competitors' app reviews to track the audience feedback.

Reply to Reviews

Our App Reviews specialists reply to reviews on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

More than ever, you already know the importance that ASO plays for your app. Now it’s easier to think of a good icon to call attention, right keywords that are going to make your app be found… but, did you stop to think how vital app reviews are?

We already said that reviews could be optimized and it’s an important factor to analyze if your app is doing well or not. But, it’s not just that, reviews are more complicated than we think, and you have to deal with it!

The importance of app reviews

When we search for some app in the app store, a list of apps most relevant to the query shows up, and probably we’re going to choose the first few apps. But, before downloading it, we usually check out what people are saying about that product.

Even if you read a few reviews, it is necessary for you to decide if this app provides everything that you want or if you’re going to go back to the list and select another one.

So, imagine your app being highlighted with with bad reviews. Anyone accessing the app’s page will read that and automatically choose some other option. The good news is that it’s possible to reverse this.

That’s why app reviews are so important and collecting good comments to your app is crucial to building a reputation in app stores. It’s one of the few opportunities to impresses the user. And after all, it’s great to receive praise for work well done.

Even working together, there are some differences between reviews and ratings. They have distinct methods to evaluate an app. Anyway, they work really good together, because it’s that algorithms that prioritize the ranking of your app and helps people discover it.

By giving ratings, users evaluate an app from one to five, and all the ratings received are summed up and divided to get the final result. The reviews can be considered more laborious.

The user has to stop and take time to write what he wants to say about the app. There are three types of users: the ones whose love the app, ones who are not satisfied at all with the app and others who want to give suggestions in order to improve the service.

App review analysis features

As we said, reviews works together with App Store Optimization, after all, these comments have the power to put your app in ranking in app stores. It’s necessary to deal with the reviews, mainly the negative ones.

Optimization can contribute to sentiment analysis, for example, besides segmenting users who were not satisfied with the product. Answering application reviews is essential for the app’s growth.

Sentiment analysis

The first step of work to deal with the reviews is separate and analyze the sentiment. So, the idea is to create two groups, the positive and the negative. When you divide the feelings, it will be easy to answer the reviews.

Competitors’ analysis

You already know that you’ll have to deal with a lot of competition in app stores, right? But, there’s a point that nobody tells you about: that analysing competitors can help with app growth.

The reviews of other apps can help you base on what things you should improve your app and what cannot be a good idea to add. So, you truly need to become a stalker! Literally, read all the reviews as you can of all your competitors.

Observe what people are complaining about and conclude what the main mistakes are. It’s also possible to analyze what aspects the users are talking about positively.

With this, you can add or update some tools of your app and depending on the case, think if some options are really necessary to be there.

Reply to reviews

Probably this is the most important topic of this conversation. You have to answer the reviews apps. This is the only space where the user can say what he thinks about your app. And the opinion of your customer is crucial for maintaining your mobile marketing strategy.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to face negative reviews, we always have in mind that all the work done is enough. But this kind of analysis is constructive to improve your app and show to your users that you matter their opinion.

So, it’s important to take your time of the day to read the reviews and talk directly with your customer. If you answer a comment showing that you are willing to take corrections for what is happening, the same user will end up praising you.

Dealing with reviews is part of the work in ASO. It’s almost impossible to control all the ratings and reviews alone and, of course, the reviews have to be great to get more downloads.

Reversing a negative review situation is possible. As we said, separating by sentiment, answer all the comments and mainly showing to your users that their opinion matters and that their opinion can bring changes is often always enough.

Contact one of our specialists in App Store Optimization. RankMyApp will help you to optimize your app. Besides the reviews, there’s much more to be done for your app to be in ranking!

Let’s build something awesome together!