App Store Optimization

App’s Name

Your title is the most important part of your content. Our algorithm monitors the keywords you already use but also suggest new ones, enabling you to always update your title and rank your app in higher positions on the search results.

App Description

Make your description unbeatable. Our team of experts investigate and test the best keywords, creating optimized description and gain more visibility and downloads in app stores, thus reaching more and more users.


Improve the acceptance of your icon. Your icon is the gateway to your app – it should be an original and descriptive graphical element that stands out among so many other icons.


Our algorithm suggests new keywords that are selected based on their search potential in the app stores. It is the fastest and most powerful way to discover new keywords without any effort.


Presenting at least 5 screenshots of your app is a very effective way to convince a user to download it. Users tend to look at screenshots even before reading the app description.


The position of your app on the rankings of the app stores is essential if you want to be found by your target user. That’s why it’s important to include your app in the right category, based on its purpose.

App Competitors

By tracking the competitors, you can identify the keywords that are being used by other apps as well as other features that may need some improvement.

Success Case Studies

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ASO - App Store Optimization

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the success of your app? I would say that a high number of downloads would prove that you’re going the right way. And do you know how to conquer it? App Store Optimization can be your solution.

Besides good number of downloads, your app needs more to be successful. A lot of views on your app store page, a good app ranking positive reviews,and so on. And all of this can be achieved with ASO.

What is App Store Optimization?

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is a process to optimize your app to have good results in app stores. With so many options available to the users, it’s crucial to invest in something that will leverage your app and put your app one step forward the others.

A signal that your app is doing well in app stores is the number of organic downloads it generates. The organic downloads are those you don’t pay to receive, in other words, people find your app by means of keywords. The process is natural.

Million are looking for new tools to help them during the day, resolve their problems and have fun. Be it turning on a lightbulb, paying a bill, ordering food or playing a game.

Do you know what it means? That people need apps all the time and can’t live without cell phones. So, if your app works well people will find it.

The search feature in app stores possibly is the most potent source of downloads that an app can master. And App Store Optimization techniques can help a lot to that end, combined with other mobile marketing strategies.

The importance of ASO is evident, having a proper positioning can bring more visibility. And when you have many good positions more people will see your app and download it.

Users usually download apps that show up in the first 10 places in their search. They will not click through to the second page in app stores. People relate quality to leadership. Apps in ranking have better results.

So, imagine your app that has good quality, provides a service that benefits users plus an optimization strategy that makes you rank well.

How to optimize?

Some parts of your app can be optimized, which includes the title, description, icon, screenshots, videos, etc. The first step is to find the right keywords that will make your app easily discovered in internal search.

The main idea is to always think of your user. Put yourself in his place, what words will you probably choose to find services in app stores? Think fast, easy and simple words. And that’s the beginning of app optimization: finding a good name.

As we said, people mainly find apps by search. It’s crucial to have the keyword in the name of your app, and, even so, think of a simple name that users can remember easily, and is brandable

People usually don’t read the entire description, but, nevertheless, it’s essential to use this space to put relevant keywords that will help your app easily discoverable.

If people don’t read the description, how they will know what your app is talking about? Images, good images! That’s why the screenshots are so crucial to ASO. Choose pictures that show how your app works.

When the user opens your app’s page he wants to know fast your application works, what services you provide and if your app’s easy to use. So, screenshots are perfect to explain and exhibit every detail.

App Store Optimization: is it SEO for apps?

App Store Optimization SEO for apps

Internet usually says that App Store Optimization services are SEO for apps. It’ possible to say that ASO is the new generation of SEO. Because the service views a common goal: ranking the site or app.

In case of SEO, they want to rank some brand on Google using the right keywords and talking about ASO, the logic is the same, but in app store invest in keywords. Both ones aim to avoid paid media.

The adaptation for mobile was truly necessary. The number of users that access everything in smartphones is more significant than the users that use a computer. It means that the investment in this space has to be intensified.

The benefits of ASO

Doubtless, the final result of an app that does App Store Optimization is being able to monetize your app. From the moment that you start to make money with this business, it’s the signal that the things are really working.

But, before that, you’re going to pass through other benefits that will make you believe that your service is outstanding and all of this is worth it. When you start to see that the visibility of your page in app stores is growing, you’ll begin to think that your conversion rate is increasing too.

The number of downloads will be an indication that people are looking for your app, they’re following the optimization path of your app because they’re searching for the keyword and finding the app through the keyword we optimized for.

It’s almost impossible to control the competition because there are a lot of apps with the same intent. But, with App Store Optimization tools, it’s possible to observe the movements and strategies of other apps.

From that, you can get some decisions about your strategies to improve and control the effects of your app in app stores. With the passage of time, you’ll know what should be changed and what’s bringing results.

The rule is simple: to collect all the benefits that ASO affords, you always need to analyze your results and draw plans to improve your outcomes and put it into action. Thus, with excellent service discovery becomes easy.

Boost your app with Rank My App!

Boost your app with Rank My App

If you thought that the ASO process was simple, you were utterly wrong. Although the developer can idealize some steps, it’s impossible to handle everything.

ASO is an ongoing process. It means that it’s more than choosing some keywords and adapting them to your app. You need to analyze the numbers, study the concurrence, create new strategies, work with reviews… there are many phases.

That’s why RankMyApp is available to help you with that! RankMyApp is the reference in the market of App Store Optimization and works according to the client and their necessities. There’s no option if you want a complete service that delivers success.

If you get curious and wants to know more about ASO and the services of RankMyApp, you’re in the right place!

MD: Launching an app is synonymous with the success of your brand, because people breath mobile and internet. But, nothing really works without App Store Optimization!