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User Acquisition

You spend so much time developing your app and finally when you launch it there’s so much competition that it seems nearly impossible to get downloads. User acquisition seems a difficult task.

Lucky for you, the right acquisition marketing strategies can make your app notable in app stores. These strategies include App Store Optimization, video ads, social media, promotions and other possibilities.

How works app user paid acquisition?

how to grow your audience with paid user acquisition

Paid user acquisition complements the optimization services. It puts your app in ranking and gives it more visibility.

It’s possible to say that the primary challenge is to compete with other apps in app stores. Sometimes, depending on the category that your app is available, the strategies have to be changed to facilitate app users acquisition.

So, before deciding which mobile marketing strategies will be the best for your app in paid paid user acquisition, you need to understand what this is and how it works.

There are many ways to promote your app, so that the public has the chance to know more about your service without necessarily searching in an app store. One basic example, — you might have seen the ad for a sponsored game on Instagram that you can play one time, like a demo version?

This is one thing you could do to get new users. Your client will have the chance to experiment how your app works without downloading the full version, and, if he wants more, a targeted link will be available to that end.

Other attractive options are video ads. On app stores, videos and screenshots have much more power to conversions than descriptions, for example. So, if you invest in video ads in social media, for example, your app might get more views.

You can work with video by means of native ads. Naturally, your ad will appear in the Facebook timeline, for example, and sometimes the user will not identify that the post is a campaign, because it mixes with other content there.

Paid acquisition features

Before choosing a way to get new users, you have to decide what kind of advertisement campaign is best suited to your product type. And it brings some different initials that you might already heard before.

Depending on the ad chosen, you need to organize yourself to pay for that without prejudice. We always have to deal with the possibility that paid ads are not rentable, but with a good user acquisition strategy, it’s possible to change this scenario.

Check out some terms that can help you understand this universe.


what is cpc

CPC, as know as cost per click, are ads that you pay for any click that your post received. Basically, you can create your campaigns in Google AdWords and define how much you’re disposed to pay per click.

The first step is to choose some crucial keywords that people could potentially search for. For example, let’s say that the keyword selected is “app game,” and you opt for pay $1 for the click.

Anyone who searches for this keyword, finds your app’s link in search ads and if he clicks on it, you’re going to pay a maximum $1 for this. The price depends on your competition. If the name of your brand has a quality indicator, you probably will pay less for that.

More clicks mean additional traffic but also mean a higher spend. So, it’s always good to analyze your spending not to lose control. The good side is that Google can help you with that too.

Google will provide a maximum value that you can spend per day, helping you to not get broke with CPC.


what is cpa

CPA means cost per action. In other words, you pay for a specific action. It can be used with sales or conversions, for example. You aren’t at risk to spend money just on clicks. There’s certain risk with this model.

The cost per action is a good business for apps to encourage your users to realize some operation like shopping inside your app.


what is cpi

Doubtless, the cost per install is one of the most exciting options for mobile app marketing. This kind of advertisement requires that you work with a target audience.

Briefly, you pay for all the downloads acquired in your app using this. So, for this, it’s necessary to choose your target audience carefully. Based on this, it will be easy to find where your public is and work directly to promote your app.

To announce in CPI, it’s recommended to create something like a call to action to show the potential of the services that your app provides. So, you have to investigate the traffic quality, because it’s not right that a user uninstalls your app after five, six days of the download.

That’s why the churn rate is so important, even for use paid user acquisition. It can influence your app negatively so, focus on the retention rate as KPI.

Why define your strategies with Rank My App?

Besides offering the service of App Store Optimization, that have the purpose of optimizing your app in many aspects in app stores to put your brand on ranking, RankMyApp can also add more visibility with paid media acquisition.

Although some parts of the process of using some ads and studying some key performance indicators, this service needs somebody with expertise to guide you and your app for the best results.

There are a lot of techniques that RankMyApp uses to compare your results with other months, with the concurrence, understand what specifically ad your app needs and find the right target audience for it.

Thus, more than investing in ads and ASO, it’s important to know how to work with them in the right way. So, to have no doubt, search for a specialist of App Store Optimization to help you with all of this!